Here are some of the Made in America vendors...


Hand crafted electric and acoustic electric delta blues style cigar box guitars and fat duck merchandise consisting of hats, tshirts, guitar picks and fatheads (wall vinyls) all made right here in New Hampshire. 

Fatduck guitars has been bringing the old delta style to NH for 3 years at the flea market and events around New England. Stay boxy!



Design Forty Four

Hello my name is Rebecca,

I love anything creative.  I love creating anything that uses your imagination, because you can never be wrong.  I took that and turned it into my art.  Functional art! 

I work mainly with metal but venture into other materials as well.  The most comments I get about my stuff is "oh thats funky".  I take that as a compliment!  Thank you and I hope you enjoy my pieces!






New area for vendors / sellers with Made in America only products.

Rates are extremely reasonable for space in the designated area. 

Please call for details.